Facts every parent should know about raising a Redhead.

Friday, January 17, 2020
A few things to know when your child is redheaded.

So, you have yourself a ginger baby! Congrats. (Or maybe you don't and you are simply curious.) These babes are quite unique and as such they have some unique qualities and quirks about them. 

Your baby is a mutant. 
That’s right, a mutant. No need to call Professor X though. Red hair is a genetic mutation. Both parents must carry the ginger gene and only about 4% of the world carries it. Of that 4%; less than 2% actually have red hair. It can also occur in any ethnicity. If both parents are non-redheads, but carry the gene the chances of having a redheaded child is 25%.The gene can also skip generations before appearing again (which is why its called a recessive gene.)

Your kid will be the star of the show!
Seriously. The red hair attracts people like flies to honey. Whenever you are out in public people zone in to compliment your child's lovely hair. Sometimes they will even want to TOUCH it. It is frustrating. (If you’re a non ginger reading this, please don’t touch our kids’ head. As cute as they are, it’s uncool.) I don’t know the full origin, but there is a belief that if you rub the head of a ginger it will bring you good luck. I can guarantee that every outing at least one person will come by to say hello and admire your kid. Everyone loves a Ginger baby.

Everyone knows a redhead.
While you are out in public some of these strangers will share stories of a red head they know if they aren’t one their self. People like connections and and I have noticed that typically it is the elderly that will share their story. Listen and laugh as they use this moment to share a little bit of their history with you. I know they enjoy it and therefore take a moment out of your day to listen before you both move on.

“Where did she get that hair from?”
This is one I hear so very often. If you are like me, you and your partner are not natural redheads, you will get asked this a million times over and it will get old…FAST! I like to mix up my answer sometimes with “We got to choose.” or “She’s the mailman’s baby.” I don't know folks, like I mentioned above this gene can skip many generations before resurfacing.  

They make their own Vitamin D.
Their body makes vitamin D internally when exposed to low light because they can’t sufficiently absorb vitamin D.

Lefties make for besties!
Ginger babes tend to be more left-hand dominant. Similar to the redhead gene, being left handed is a recessive gene; about 12% of the population is left handed. Recessive genes often come in pairs which is why it is common for redheads to be lefties.

Sunblock is your new BFF!
Redheads typically have very pale, delicate skin. They will turn into a lobster if not properly protected. Even on cloudy or cold winter days the sun can still burn their skin. It is best to keep them covered and use sunblock any time they will be going outside. Never rely on one or the other. It is best to use layers of clothing, hats (if they will wear it) and sunscreen.

Gingers tend to have very sensitive skin.
Redheads bruise easily compared to others, so when you see that random purple or blue spot appear do not fret too much as they may not even be aware they even got it. They will also break out in rash and possibly have eczema. They can have more allergic reactions to just about anything: animals, fragrance, the outside world! Nothing is worse than having an active, outdoor loving redhead and they can’t enjoy the outside as much because of the number of layers you put on them on top of the watery eyes and sneezing.

They do look great in olive, navy and purple, but they WILL look beautiful in anything.
These are not doubt their colors, but Cheryl Blossom has showed us that a ginger can really rock red!

Red heads can be much sassier.
Maybe it’s just mine, but she is a fiery, independent spirit. Her temper goes from 0 to 100 quick. It would not surprise me if the term "hot headed" started because of a ginger.

There are more facts on redheads we could go into, but these are the few I believe most redheaded parents should know (if they haven’t already discovered…which they will.) 

Thank you for reading.
"Ivy's mom"


  1. My friend has 3 ginger girls! I had no idea they make their own vitamin D. That's so interesting. I also think red heads look gorgeous in deep emerald green.

  2. I love this post! I have a redheaded niece and two redheaded nephews. Red hair is so beautiful.

  3. Sunblock is a good one. My stepsister is a red head and always got the worst sunburns.

  4. I agree. I do remember a few red heads that I went to school with.

  5. I don't really know many redheads. But these sound like great tips.

  6. I have an aunt who has red hair and yes tons of people always complimented her on it!

  7. Your daughter's hair is gorgeous. Such an interesting post to read. Thank you for sharing.


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